Africa’s first virtual conferencing platform optimistic


GLUEvp founder, Professor Richard Chinomona

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – AFRICA’S first owned virtual conferencing platform highlights the unique talents and capabilities available in the continent.

It is poised to unlock opportunities giving locals the chance to make Africa a world leader in technological infrastructure.

GLUEvp, the platform, has been inducted into the Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator hub, which aims to foster business growth in multiple sectors through investment, skills building and support.

Founded by Prof. Richard Chinomona, GLUEvp aims to provide a holistic solution that also continues to establish the push towards digital dominance experienced in South Africa.

Chinomona started the platform in 2015.

“We’re excited to have partnered with Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator,” Chinomona said.

“After so many years of self-funded exploration and development, we now have an opportunity to further grow the capabilities and access of GLUEvp.”

TGLUEvp is available in a free-format with limited capabilities while more affordable subscription packages are available including Basic (R180 per month), Premium (R264 p/m) and customised packages based on specific needs.

A premium version is available for under R15 per month which provides access to unique benefits including unlimited meeting durations.

“It’s about bringing our product to the people of Africa, not only to enhance our everyday life’s, but to highlight the talent and potential our continent has in creating innovative services that work,” Chinomona said.

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