Sanctions on Russia return to haunt perpetrators


NATO leaders pose for a photo at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. File photo

from AMAR KUMAR in New Delhi, India
India Special Correspondent
India Bureau
NEW DELHI, (CAJ News) –SANCTIONS imposed by Western nations on Russia following the war outbreak in Ukraine are haunting resource-less European bloc.

This emerged when 80, 000 protesters marched in Brussels, Belgium on Monday when they disapproved dire economic consequences.

This as a result of severe miscalculation by both the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) that imposed the sanctions.

Protesters demanded that the billions of dollars that the EU and the US poured to prop up Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with weapons against Russia could have been used to increase Europeans’ salaries.

Thus considering the standard of living skyrocketed.

“Spend money on salaries, not on weapons,” and chanted a protester.

“Stop NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)” read a banner.

The United States backs NATO.

America’s expansionist strategy has collapsed.

Russia responded with heavy handedness to Ukraine, a country being used as a militaristic launch pad to provoke Moscow.

Faced with an increased severe shortage of oil and gas, wheat, among other commodities, Europeans took to the streets demanding their leaders revisit their east expansionist provocative actions.

EU trade unions that gathered at the home of NATO and EU headquarters in Brussels resulted in various domestic and international flights being cancelled as unions’ protests triggered security personnel strike too.

Earlier, the Russian President Vladimir Putin had accused European countries of committing economic “suicide” via sanctions.

He predicted last week that the EU’s “direct losses” from this sanctions policy “could exceed $400 billion in a year.”

The protests on Monday triggered global reaction.

Roy Singh from India said: “I’ve said it many-many times this was coming and look it has started. When there’s ‘Internal Social Unrest’ NATO won’t be able to do what it used to do in Ukraine anymore, and Ukraine will (definitely) collapse.”

Another observer, only identified as Templar, said: “More thinking people are seeing through the fog of US/NATO/UK lies and propaganda. They now realize that Europe has committed economic pain on itself. Politicians are not doing what is best for those that they represent instead bowing to the US terrorist state and their world domination policies, stop destroying your own economies for the US.”

One called David mocked NATO, EU and the US saying: “So ironic that they’ve hoped for some protests in Russia and they found quite the opposite.”

Fenicromov CW insisted: “EU can’t fool the common people, they know the root cause of problem,” while Oscar Miles said: “Finally it started, took them (Europeans) long enough to wake up to the mad policies of fanatic atlanticists at the helm gambling away their hard earned life savings and livelihoods.”

Xyborg373 noted it was: “Too late my friends. Russia is moving away from the West and giving all the best energy goodies to those who are reliable and appreciative in the East. Without cheap energy a country automatically time slipped back 150 years. The west better get those old harpoons out of museums, you are going to need a lot of whale oil for lamps soon.”

Sayno Tonato insisted: “This protest is mainly because people are starting to feel the pain but if they really understood how unjust the actions against Russia are there would be violent revolution in many western countries.”

Phil Paheet noted: “Billions of dollars were squandered on the pretext of helping Ukraine regardless of the fate of its own people. That’s tragic.”

Marcello Rojas Cuevas-Navia laughed at warmongering NATO and EU saying: “with the tail between their legs NATO will come begging Russia for energy and food. Russia will ask them to decide, the west or survival?”

Hermano noted: “You see, denying the supply of energy and food to yourself, will always raise prices… And the party has not started yet.”

– CAJ News


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