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African youths in Morocco

from YOUSEF MOHAMMED in Rabat, Morocco
Morocco Bureau
RABAT, (CAJ News) – POLITICAL leaders must support African youths and create setting conducive for them to tackle local crises and ensure the continent reaches its potential.

This is the prevailing call from the just-ended annual consultative dialogue of young African leaders, which was held in Rabat, Moroccan capital city.

The inaugural dialogue that attracted young leaders from over 40 African countries ran under the theme, “Consolidating our Achievements: Forging Partnerships for the Programme of the African Renaissance.”

Initiated by the Pan-African Youth Union (or UPJ), in partnership with Morocco’s Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, the event aims to provide a climate conducive to assessing the challenges and expectations of member states.

“It is our responsibility as decision makers and representatives of African youth to ensure the economic construction, to set the stage for the new rise of Africa that undeniably serves the interests of the continent and its people,” Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, Morocco’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, said.

He attended the event alongside President of the UPJ, Moumouni Dialla, and several African and United Nations officials.

The Moroccan minister highlighted that Africa is currently at the centre of international competition because of its vast natural and human resources, including its 400 million youths.

“This event represents a framework for dialogue and exchange in order to find appropriate solutions for the problems that plague our countries,” according to Bensaid.

Dialla highlighted the need for African youth mobilise in the face of various humanitarian and food crises.

He called on young people to play a big role in the development of the continent.

Discussions focused on mitigation of the migration crisis in Africa, peace building and security, climate challenges and economic inclusion through the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA).

UPJ’s new headquarters were inaugurated last February in Rabat.

The organisation is committed to promoting peace, democracy and sustainable development in order to achieve African integration.

– CAJ News

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