Regulations stifle Africa digital economy growth


Vodacom Group Chief Officer for External Affairs, Stephen Chege

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – GOVERNMENTS must create an enabling regulatory environment supporting the secure flow of data between jurisdictions, thus unlocking digital economic growth and financial inclusion in Africa.

At present, restrictive policies and practices continue hindering the growth of the digital economy, along with the related socio-economic benefits across the continent.

This is the view of the Vodacom Group and Aftican Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD), which have released a policy paper, “Enabling Policy Frameworks for Digital and Data Services for Expanded Economic Growth and Development – A Focus on the SADC Region.”

SADC is an acronym for Southern African Development Community.

“AU Member States looking to establish and maintain thriving economies should not be myopic about cross-border data, based on the opportunity that secure sharing can bring,” Stephen Chege, Vodacom Group Chief Officer for External Affairs, said.

AU is the African Union.

Backed by an enabling regulatory framework, small and medium stand to benefit the most, now able to compete with larger, established firms on a more-level playing field, Chege explained.

Companies with access to online marketplaces and global payment networks are now able to reach consumers across the world.

“This is an important opportunity for Africa’s SMEs,” Chege said.

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