Massive increase in cyber crime feared in 2023


Trellix Head of Threat Intelligence, John Fokker

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CYBER crime is projected to spike in the coming year, fuelled by geopolitically motivated attacks, tensions from opposing political parties and vulnerabilities in core software supply chains.

This is the forecast of Trellix, the cyber security company.

“Analyzing current trends is necessary but being predictive in cyber security is vital,” said John Fokker, Head of Threat Intelligence, Trellix.

While organisations focus on near-term threats, the company has advised all to look beyond the horizon to ensure a proactive posture.

“Global political events and the adoption of new technology will breed novel threats from more innovative threat actors,” Fokker warned.

Among other projections by Trellix, geopolitical factors will continue motivating misinformation campaigns and cyber attacks timed with kinetic military activity.

Loosely organized individuals fueled by propaganda will ramp up their use of cyber tools to voice their anger and cause disruption across the globe.

Teenagers and young adults will engage at increasing levels in cybercrime – everything from large-scale attacks on enterprises and governments to low-level crimes that target family, friends, peers and strangers.

Trellix has forecast a huge jump in reverse-vishing – or voice phishing – attacks, with less tech-aware users being the primary target.

A significant rise in advanced cyber actors causing disruptions to critical infrastructure in vulnerable targets will be observed.

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