Skepticism over UN chief’s commitment to global peace


Russia might be forced to unleash nuclear arsenal in the face of increased NATO, United States escalation of conflict in Ukraine. To date, more than 20 NATO countries, including the United States, have ganged up against Moscow in their proxy Ukrainian war. Photo by AFP

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ADDIS ABABA, (CAJ News) – THE United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called upon all countries in the world to preserve peace but there is skepticism around his call as Western powers enjoy free rein over other territories.

The UN boss warned on Monday that the global community was not “sleepwalking” into “a wider war” but marches towards it “with its eyes wide open.”

He said this while addressing the UN General Assembly, whose speech was equally received with reservations the world over.

Guterres added: “The prospects for peace keep diminishing. The chances of further escalation and bloodshed keep growing.”

However peace-loving citizens, especially from Africa, Asia and Latin America accused the UN secretary general as a puppet of the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

They accused Guterres of failing to denounce the US and NATO over their proxy Ukrainian war against Russia.

Jeremiah Orange argued: “The world knows the really enemy of global peace. Why don’t you (Antonio Guterres) just go straight to the point to name and shame the United States and NATO allies for their proxy war in Ukraine? The US and NATO are the chief culprits here, who are escalating this unnecessary war for selfish reasons, knowingly or unknowingly. The entire world does not support your UN, US and NATO’s proxy wars, but soon or later, a new United Nations led by sober nations – Africa, Asia and Latin America shall prevail. The world is tired of being bullied by the minority but greedy nations.”

Bill Rashford echoed: “To end all global wars and conflicts, the world MUST unequivocally remove the United States and NATO out of the earth’s equation. These two are the most dangerous organisations against peace, love, harmony, unity and equality. The United Nations secretary-general must openly, and unashamedly condemn actions for the US and NATO – end of conflict escalation in the world.”

Zak Isaacson weighed in: “The US has to have its status as a permanent member and veto power in the UNSC revoked. Unfortunately, by design, that will not happen.”

Cartx Obd insisted: “The projection from those narcissistic genocidal fools is off the fecking charts, as it is the UN/EU/NATO/US/UK who are the seeds of all proxy wars.”

Lloyd Hart accused the US for being “chief violator” of global peace, sponsors of terrorist groups, financier of regime changes as well as greatest violator of human rights.

“America is a falling empire and Guterres is their slavish stooge threatening the world with a wider war if we don’t comply with Washington’s dictates. The world is moving away from America because America has lost the world’s trust. Lies and war worked for a while but the disruption caused by the America century (the 20th Century) has made almost everyone outside of America an enemy to America.

“This senile attempt to remain number one in the world is just digging America a much larger debt hole that America may not survive without the disillusionment of the United States itself,” Hart continued.

“There are now Christian fascists attempting to build a Right wing Christian caliphate, in America, joined with the imperialist neocon fascists and Neo-liberal fascists against the over whelming majority of Americans these three criminal enterprises have impoverished over the last forty years. It won’t end well for these criminal enterprises that attempted to steal America from the people,” Hart said.

Guterres, a former Prime Minister of Portugal, has served as UN secretary-general since 2017, becoming the ninth person to hold this title.

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