Zambia considering water sports to attract tourists


Watersport in Siavonga, Kariba

from SNIKE MZULAH in Siavonga, Zambia
Zambia Bureau
SIAVONGA, (CAJ News) – ZAMBIA plans to promote water sports in a move aimed at luring tourists to the southern parts of the landlocked country.

Facilities for such sports will be established on Lake Kariba in the tourist district of Siavonga.

This is in response to calls by local and international tourists for these facilities.

“This will intensify economic activities, which will become the basis for building Siavonga,” said the council chairperson, Given Kwapu, in an interview.

He said the national government planned to generate employment opportunities and boost the economy by strengthening the tourism sector in the district.

“Our main focus is to develop activity-based tourism such as water sports activities especially canoe competition which we need to introduce very soon,” Kwapu stated.

He also mentioned plans under way to rehabilitate the harbour in Siavonga to high standard befitting a tourist town.

“It has been actually a cry from the local authority to see how we could make the harbour habitable and modernize it,” Kwapu said.

He hinted at the possibility of setting up hospitality facilities at the harbour.

Boat being used for water sport in Kariba

Boat being used for water sport in Kariba

Victor Hanzemba, a local tour guide, welcomed the promotion of water sports.

“The water sports activities will only create jobs for some of us tour guides but also increase business opportunities in Siavonga,” he said.

Steve Thompson, Siavonga Tourism and Business Development Association Chairman, said this would help increase inflows of tourists in the district.

“The number of tourists who come to visit Siavonga will increase thereby increasing the revenue tax base for the government,” he said.

Thompson said hotel, lodge and guest house owners will benefit from brisk business.

“This place will be very busy,” he projected.

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