Religion boosts Kariba tourism sector


Chipo Mhandu, Director of Women's Ministries at the Seventh-day Adventist

from ESTHER SHAVI in Kariba, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bureau
KARIBA, (CAJ News) – THE impact of religion on tourism has been felt in Kariba where thousands of women from the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church gathered in the northern town for their conference.

More than 4 000 women congregated at Nyamhunga Primary school in Kariba from Thursday until Sunday.

Officials in the sector confirmed all local lodges were booked, forcing some delegates to seek accommodation in the suburbs. Some had camping tents at the venue.

“This is our first conference in Kariba. We have been all over the country previously,” Chipo Mhandu, who holds the position of director of Women’s Ministries, said.

“Our mandate is to preach and help the community. We want to empower each other as women. We are receiving world class hospitality that is from security, accommodation and business people.”

Since the festive season ended, business in Kariba had dropped, hence the SDA’s women conference was a boost.

Local entrepreneurs, including the fisheries sector, also recorded an increase in businesss.

“They have boosted our business,” said city father, Roses Madyira.

“Kariba will no longer be the same. It is going to be marketed broadly since these women came from various parts of the country,” he added.

Maureen Ngwenya, a member of the SDA, expressed excitement at the beauty of Kariba.

“I am very happy to be here. The view is amazing. Kariba is blessed,” Ngwenya said.

The main attraction locally is the Lake Kariba, the planet’s largest man-made dam with a length of 220 kilometres and 40km wide, in the River Zambezi, between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It is also the world’s largest water reservoir by volume.

Kariba offers spectacular views, unique sunsets, great fishing, boating opportunities, water sports and wildlife on the shoreline.

The dam wall is an architecture masterpiece, measuring 128 metres tall and 579m long.

– CAJ News

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