What Comes of Ukraine War


Lead Researcher, Montgomery Zunga

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – “WHAT we are really heartened with is that there is a willingness to engage with us as African countries”, President Ramaphosa said at a press conference with African leaders in Ukraine.

The statement placed the African leaders on a higher plate than the United States of America (USA) and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies.

The USA gained capital through slavery, hard work (of course) and spectacularly through the First and Second World Wars, when Europe, under the bombardment of Germany, was prevented from producing its needs and that of the war efforts.

Free capital flowed into the USA from European governments, to manufacture what Europe needed, making the USA rich. After the war, the USA businesses bought cheap assets in Germany and other parts of Europe, companies which had been brought down by the war, then took leadership of Europe to protect her interests. The USA gained from the First and Second World wars.

Russia was a competitor, not an enemy, because Russia pushed Germany to its defeat from the east side. Without Russia pressing on the other side Germany would not have been defeated.

The acrimony against Russia, which precipitated into the Ukraine war, is not necessary. Then 44 countries met at Bretton Woods to consider the development of Europe and at that meeting resolved to use the US$ (US Dollar) as the clearing currency of the World. The USA must not abuse its dominance in financial markets.

There is a reason for the Ukraine war, whether it is accepted or known. Unfortunately, the Russian world broadcast channel was terminated, which removed the other side of the argument.

Terminating a broadcast in the world of today was a crude way of winning an argument.

What remained is unbelievably one-sided reporting. The West is pumped up to continue the war instead of bringing the warring parties to the table to stop it, amid hardline attitudes that the USA wants every country to take its side and to apply her own sanctions against specific countries.

The African leaders resisted that and started peace efforts. That is what the USA and the Security Council should have done. Instead, they are pushing for Allied forces, the World War scenario. And Ukraine, for lack of a better word, is the unfortunate pawn.

The USA ambassador to South Africa was aware of the preparations of African leaders to go to Ukraine to push for peace. Then he made outrageous allegations, ahead of the African leaders’ announcements, to frustrate the African efforts.

South Africa correctly set a committee to investigate, and the US Ambassador must present his evidence there and how he gathered it.

The African American leaders must not be used as sheep leading the lions. If America takes any action against South Africa, to force an independent country to follow what the USA wants, for AGOA or whatever reason, the whole of Africa must stand up against the USA.

This is a turning point. Everything comes to an end. The Roman Empire ended, so was colonialism and slavery.

The position of the USA in global matters would be permanently weakened by the peace efforts by African leaders in Ukraine and Russia. The power of the USA would start to diminish from now on.

The USA with her allies, situated on a tiny corner of Europe, would lose influence of the rest of the World.

NB: Luke Dzipange Zunga is a Lead Researcher with South African Development Foundation NPC

– CAJ News





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