Women take fishing business by storm


Women take part into men dominated fishing industry

from ESTHER SHAVI in Kariba, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bureau
KARIBA, (CAJ News) – SARAH Moyo wakes up before dawn and heads to the harbour, where she prepares her fishing gear and boards her boat.

With unwavering determination, she navigates the vast waters of Lake Kariba, casting her nets and patiently waiting for her catch.

Sarah’s expertise and deep knowledge of the fishing grounds have earned her a well-deserved reputation as one of the most successful fisherwomen in the region.

Her work has shattered stereotypes in the male dominated fishing industry.

Alongside Sarah is Emily Chisenga, another trailblazing woman in the fishing business. Emily comes from a long line of fishermen, and she has harnessed her family’s legacy to carve out her own path to success.

As the sun rises over the tranquil Kariba waters, Emily sets sail, her vibrant spirit matching the colorful hues of the dawn. With a keen eye and sharp business acumen, she assesses the market demand and skillfully negotiates prices for her catch.

The bustling activity of buying and selling fish comes alive at the harbour as Sarah and Emily return with their plentiful hauls.

These women have built strong relationships with local fishmongers and restaurant owners, ensuring a steady market for their fresh catch. As their boats dock, the air fills with anticipation as buyers eagerly gather, knowing that Sarah and Emily consistently deliver the finest quality fish.

Sarah reflects on her journey with pride, saying, “Breaking barriers and proving that women can excel in the fishing business has been my greatest achievement. I have not only found success, but I’ve also inspired other women to pursue their dreams fearlessly.”

Emily shares a similar sentiment, adding, “Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has its challenges, but it has also fueled my determination. I am proud of the strides I have made and the recognition I have gained for my hard work and dedication.”

“During my father’s time, women were not allowed to play roles such as fishing, they were reserved for men,” says Admore Mabhena, Sarah’s husband.

“With times changing I realised that as a family we should do away with such archaic practices. Women should be empowered. I am proud that my wife is a fisher.”

Sarah and Emily are shining examples of the rising influence of women in the fishing business at Lake Kariba.

These resilient women recognized the potential of the vast waters of Lake Kariba and the abundance of fish it holds. With their husbands’ support, they braved the unknown and embarked on a journey to provide for their families.

Through their resilience, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit, they have not only transformed their own lives but have also paved the way for a new generation of women seeking success in this once male-dominated industry.

– CAJ News




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