China urges nationals to respect Angolan laws


Chinese Ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao

from PEDRO AGOSTO in Luanda, Angola
Angola Bureau
LUANDA, (CAJ News) – CHINA has warned its citizens in Angola to abide by the Southern African country’s laws.

The Asian nation raised concern at its nationals engaging in pornography, gambling, drugs and underground banks.

The embassy in Angola noted issues involving Chinese being detained and sentenced for these crimes.

“Some lost all their money due to gambling, and even fell into the quagmire of usury. Some were kidnapped, abused, and even lost their lives because they could not repay their gambling debts,” it stated.

In March this year, two Chinese nationals were arrested by the police on suspicion of human trafficking and forcing women into prostitution.

The embassy noted the Chinese government resolutely cracks down on cross-border gambling crimes.

“The crime of organizing and participating in overseas gambling has been written into the criminal law. The Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme Procuratorate have made special legal interpretations on this.”

China dissuades its citizens from engaging in the gambling industry abroad, recruiting and employing Chinese citizens to engage in gambling, or providing venues for gambling are suspected of committing crimes, even if local laws do not prohibit it.

Chinese citizens are urged to learn to understand local laws and regulations in host countries.

“Please note that the embassy cannot interfere with local law enforcement or the normal law enforcement of the judiciary, and will not seek illegitimate interests for the parties or cover up their illegal and criminal activities,” the embassy stated.

It urged Chinese nationals to develop good working and living habits, distinguish right from wrong, and resist all kinds of bad temptations.

“Deeply understand the serious harm of pornography, gambling, and drugs, and do not get involved or participate in illegal and criminal activities such as pornography, gambling, and drugs, money laundering, fighting, and kidnapping.”

Chinese in Angola are to be law-abiding and resolve conflicts or lawsuits in accordance with the law.

“When encountering violations by criminals, report to the police in time, and seek help from the unit, colleagues, relatives and friends nearby, and contact the embassy for assistance if necessary,” the embassy advised.

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