What happens if I do not withdraw SASSA Money

SASSA, which administers a range of social grants, encourages beneficiaries to collect their grants on a monthly basis. This is a proactive approach to ensure that beneficiaries stay informed about their grant status and are well-prepared to avoid lapses.

The Dormancy Period: A Window of Opportunity

If you fail to transact on your SASSA Account for three consecutive months, your account falls into a ‘dormant’ state. However, SASSA does not leave beneficiaries in the dark; they take steps to inform you in advance before your grants lapse. This notification is vital, as it gives you an opportunity to prevent the dormancy and continue receiving your financial support.

Restoring Lapsed SASSA Grants: Act within 90 Days

For beneficiaries facing the daunting prospect of a lapsed grant, the solution lies in the restoration process. SASSA allows you a grace period of 90 days from the date of the lapse to apply for the restoration of your grants. This window serves as a lifeline to prevent undue hardships due to grant lapses.

The Risk of Unclaimed Grants

However, it’s essential to be aware that if you do not apply for the restoration of your social grant within the 90-day suspension period, it may be classified as unclaimed. In such cases, the grant will lapse, and you will need to initiate a new application to reinstate the grant.

Transparent Restoration: Supported by SASSA

When applying for the restoration of a lapsed grant, your application must be supported by a letter from SASSA. This letter explains the reason behind the suspension or lapsing of the grant, ensuring transparency and fairness in the process.

Your SASSA Account is your lifeline for financial support, and maintaining its active status is of paramount importance. By heeding the call to collect your social grants regularly and taking swift action if your grant is at risk of lapsing, you can ensure that your financial support from SASSA remains uninterrupted.

In summary, understanding the dynamics of SASSA Account dormancy and restoration is crucial for beneficiaries who rely on these grants for their well-being. By staying informed and acting promptly to restore a lapsed grant within the specified period, you can safeguard your financial support and continue to receive the vital assistance you depend on. SASSA remains committed to providing support to those in need, and this process is a part of that commitment.

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