Anger over Kenya’s five-star King Charles welcome


King Charles III inspects guard of honour in Nairobi, Kenya

from MARIA MACHARIA in Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya Bureau
NAIROBI, (CAJ News) – SOUTH African opposition leader, Julius Malema, has rebuked the Kenyan government for rolling out the red carpet to the United Kingdom (UK) monarch, King Charles III.

The firebrand Commander-In-Chief (CIC) of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Malema made the remarks at the launch of the Pan African Institute at Makueni, Lukenya University in the East African nation.

He bemoaned that Kenyan soldiers were made to salute King Charles III.

According to Malema, the royal’s hands were tattered with the blood of Kenya’s liberation heroes and heroines of the Mau Mau, who the British colonial settlers killed during the war of dispossession, oppression and imperialism.

“The Kenyan army is a product of Mau Mau rebellion, and those who killed our people in the Mau Mau rebellion cannot be saluted (King Charles III) by the same army of the children of those who were killed during Mau Mau rebellion. We have a duty to stay true to the cause,” Malema said.

He said the people of Kenya and the entire African continent had a duty to remind the king and his country of what they did to Africans during the colonial period.

“Indeed, he (King Charles III) showed no remorse. He said this was bad; it shouldn’t have happened, but he fell short, I apologise. He will never say he is sorry because he thinks that his race makes him superior, and he is not qualified to apologise to those who are junior to him,” Malema said.

He denounced President William Ruto for smiling and shaking hands with King Charles III and wife Queen Camilla when the duo visited the East African nation last week.

Malema also demanded that all foreign military bases, especially the United States’, in the continent leave Africa.

He said the French too should leave.

Malema believes Africa needs to have a single military, currency, president, central bank, flag and must abolish borders in order to form a one united African country.

He also called for the immediate introduction of a single Pan African train from Cape to Cairo to facilitate the easy way of doing business under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander-In-Chief Julius Malema. Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images)

Malema urged the new Pan African Institute to mobilise all African countries to come up with a code that enables it to defeat African dictators championing Western interests in the continent.

He urged Africa to pull out from the International Criminal Court (ICC) accusing it for being used to fight Western political fights.

Malema questioned why Russian president Vladimir Putin was being charged for his country’s military operation in Ukraine yet he never targeted civilians unlike Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose military killed children, women, elderly, disabled and bombed churches and hospitals.

He called upon Africans to united so that they demand reparations from the Western countries that colonised the continent, and committed genocide, slavery and many other henious crimes.

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