Tshimologo Property Lifestyle breaks ground in style


Tshimologo cofounders- Judge Moyo (left) & Kelebogile Ramalobela

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – TSHIMOLOGO Property Lifestyle took its commitment to employee wellness and brand elevation to the next level by officially launching the company on the day of its team building.

The event at Amadwala Lodge was attended by the employees and long-standing suppliers.

Tshimologo Property Lifestyle is co-founded by Judge Moyo and Kelebogile Ramalobela.

“As much as our biggest activity is in building houses, Tshimologo believes in investing in building its people, because it is our people that build the business,” said Ramalobela, the Development and Strategy Director.

She said the event was a true demonstration of the company’s focus on building its people.

“In today’s competitive business landscape, where the importance of attracting and retaining top talent cannot be overstated, Tshimologo stands out as an organisation that genuinely cares about its core values which include keeping its workforce educated, well and gainfully employed,” Ramalobela said.

Suppliers from various companies including Vodacom and FNB gave the workers in attendance crash courses on banking better and information on opportunities that the companies have for people in the industry.

Suppliers such as Amara Building Supplies and Black Roc as well as Le Bold also participated.

Lifestyle Creations “Because we are such a futuristic company, it was important for us to ensure that our workers are also kept abreast by getting them smartphones to integrate the use of technology into their daily tasks for project tracking and timeous solutions,” Moyo, the CEO said.

Sydney Mhlongo, an employee, said the previous construction company he worked for closed during COVID-19.

“Even the one after that was not giving us regular work until I joined Tshimologo in May 2023, I have been working gainfully ever since,” he said.

– CAJ News

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