Under-served SA areas connected to Wi-Fi


Jarryd Bekker CEO and Co-founder of RIOT Network

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – MEDIA-TEK and the RIOT Network have collaborated to bring affordable Wi-Fi to underserved areas across South Africa.

This is enabled by RIOT’s CROWDNet devices, which are powered by the MediaTek Filogic 830, described as a high-performance wireless networking system on a chip (SoC).

The MediaTek Filogic 830 is described as a versatile, high-performance wireless networking SoC designed for routers, repeaters, access points and mesh networking devices.

The SoC enables device makers to build-in powerful applications based on an energy-efficient, Wi-Fi 6-ready platform.

RIOT Network has pledged to make fast, unlimited Wi-Fi services accessible for people in townships and underserved communities. Its CROWDNet Nodes, powered by MediaTek Filogic 830, enable an innovative model for deploying and operating user-operated network infrastructure.

This is anticipated to bring affordable, last-kilometre broadband to communities where it is not commercially viable for operators to deploy towers or fibre.

Rami Osman, Director for Business Development, MediaTek Middle East and Africa, said the recent advances in South African mobile networks is bringing broadband connectivity to the majority of the population, yet, many people are still excluded or underserved.

“We are excited by the progress RIOT Networks is making in technology and business model and we will continue to support them with our Filogic Wi-Fi platforms to bring the social and economic benefits of high-speed broadband closer to more African communities,” Osman said.

With 94 percent 4G/LTE coverage, RIOT Network sees potential to bring CROWDNet devices to township and rural homes throughout South Africa over the next two years.

“Our collaboration with MediaTek is integral to our strategy. The association with MediaTek aligns with our commitment to affordability and quality. It also fosters innovation and technical proficiency,” said Jarryd Bekker, CEO at RIOT Network.

– CAJ News


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