Botswana Stock Exchange wary of scammers


Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) Chief Executive Officer, Thapelo Tsheole

from ODIRILE TOTENG in Gaborone, Botswana
Botswana Bureau
GABORONE, (CAJ News) – THE Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) has alerted the public to the proliferation of fraudulent social media pages attempting to impersonate its platforms.

These deceptive pages are engaging in unauthorised activities, including soliciting money from unsuspecting victims under the guise of association with the stock exchange.

In particular, a page called Botswana Stock Exchange Market has been reported by the public for multiple attempts at swindling funds from unsuspecting victims.

Additionally, the fraudulent administrators of these pages are reportedly impersonating BSE officers, going to great lengths to create fake personal profiles that mimic the identities of genuine BSE employees and engaging with the public.

“In light of these reports, the BSE strongly condemns these fraudulent activities and emphasizes that it does not operate or endorse any social media accounts for the purpose of financial transactions,” BSE stated.

The public is urged to exercise extreme caution and verify the authenticity of any online communication claiming to represent the BSE.

“It is imperative for individuals to rely on official communication channels such as the BSE’s official website, press releases, and official social media accounts for accurate and reliable information.”

BSE reassured the public that it is actively working to address these fraudulent activities and is collaborating with relevant authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In an unrelated development, BSE has announced the adoption of Mmea Primary School under the BSE Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Policy.

This adoption will span a three-year period, under the government-driven Adopt-a-School initiative.

The school has an enrolment of 337 learners.

The adoption comes after the adoption of Kareng and Metsimantsho Primary Schools, both located in the North West and Ghanzi Districts, respectively from 2021 to 2023.

These institutions are classified as rural education institutions.

“The BSE remains committed to making a positive impact on local communities and believes that education is a key driver of societal progress,” Thapelo Tsheole, BSE Chief Executive Officer, said.

– CAJ News



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