Opinion: The Placid Politics of Europe


US-German military partnership

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – GERMANY is a donkey now. It was the enemy during the First and Second World Wars. It capitulated twice.

At the end of the Second World War Americans bought most of the crucial assets in Germany at a give away price in order to control the enemy then, and put army bases there.

The Americans then pointed to Russia as the ‘enemy’.

There is no politics in Germany to talk about. Though it is the functional head of the European Union (EU), it is doing so because it has no choice. It appears Germany wants to win what it failed in the world wars.

How can it lead the Allied forces of America and others? Britain rejected it before, and bailed out of the EU – not under Germany.

If Germany were politicians the Ukraine war would have been avoided. It is the fourth largest economy in the world, and is told to shut its energy (oil & gas)pipes with Russia. Instead of brokering peace, it shut them.

The allied forces are still there, and Germany is scared of the past lesson. The EU are no longer politicians. There are massive war and trade machines controlled by America, who own most of the critical assets.

Germany knows the bitterness of defeat and being forced to pay. If they think Russia will be defeated by prolonging the war they must think again.

Europe cannot invade Russia because the terrain is so vast. The further you go into Russian territory the more you are trapped. The only country which can swing politics there is Germany but it is now a coward of Normandy Beach.

The war in Ukraine will end if America says so. Meanwhile the Americans and the Allied are testing their machinery on Russian own.

Nobody in Europe can raise his or her head against the Americans. Then Rishi Sunak is now the sheep leading the lions.

There is more danger in Sunak than Harold Wilson. Watch out for British jets in Russia. The Polish government is the weakest link so far.

As for South Africa, the Americans were given a vote by South Africa during the Obama-Zuma era, for control of airspace over Libya.

They used it to destroy Libya. They wanted it again and South Africa refused.

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