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Papayr app

from OKORO CHINEDU in Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria Bureau
LAGOS, (CAJ News) – THE launch of the Papayr app in the United Kingdom (UK) is hailed as a pivotal moment in the international financial landscape.

Founded by Nigerian innovator and entrepreneur, Antoinette Anasoh, the app pledges to revolutionise the way people handle physical change during cash transactions, offering a cutting-edge digital solution in an era dominated by digital payments.

The Papayr app empowers users to effortlessly send, collect and save change digitally, marking the end of traditional coins and ushering in a new era of streamlined transactions.

The founder added that this revolutionary platform addresses a persistent challenge faced by individuals and extends its impact to businesses, providing an efficient solution for managing change at the point of sale.

“In a city where cash transactions persist, Papayr is not merely a solution; it’s a game-changer,” Anasoh said.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of Papayr.

“We understand the struggles businesses face with change shortages and the inconvenience customers endure,” Anasoh said.

“Papayr bridges this gap by offering a seamless, digital alternative. It’s about more than just change; it’s about transforming the way we handle transactions.”

One of Papayr’s standout features is its introduction of a digital dimension to customer loyalty programs for businesses.

The founder said this approach allows for the issuance of digital stamps and rewards, enhancing customer engagement and modernising loyalty initiatives in the age of digital transformation.

– CAJ News


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