Ethiopia’s Amhara region state of emergency extended


Amhara region's instability

ADDIS ABABA – THE Ethiopian parliament ratified the extension of the state of emergency in the troubled northern Amhara region on Friday.

The official Facebook page of the Ethiopian parliament reported that a resolution to extend the state of emergency in the Amhara region was approved by a majority vote.

The report did not disclose the duration of the extended state of emergency. However, Ethiopian state media outlets reported that it has been extended for an additional four months.

In August 2023, the Ethiopian parliament ratified a six-month state of emergency rule in the Amhara region amid prolonged conflict between the military and local militiamen.

The state of emergency decision followed several days of fighting in towns across Amhara, the country’s second most populous region, between federal forces and local militia known as Fano.

– Xinhua News

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