Nigeria’s Zamfara eliminates Right of Way fees


Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the NCC, Dr Aminu Maida

from EMEKA OKONKWO in Abuja, Nigeria
Nigeria Bureau
ABUJA, (CAJ News) – THE creation of a digital economy in Nigeria has received a major boost after the northwestern state of Zamfara approved the elimination of Right of Way (RoW) charges for telecommunication companies.

Governor Dauda Lawal has approved the elimination.

Stakeholders and the industry regulator welcomed the move.

“This is in line with Zamfara Innovation, Technology and Digital Economy Development Agency (ZITDA) commitment on improving broadband penetration that will unlock digital infrastructure investments and open up the digital economy,” ZIDTA Executive Secretary, Habib Gajam, said.

ZIDTA is the local entity of the Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency.

Dr Aminu Maida, the Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), lauded the Zamfara state government for eliminating the RoW charges, hailing the decision as groundbreaking.

“This strategic decision will turbocharge digital infrastructure growth in the state, propelling Zamfara’s digital economy to new heights. It is a significant leap for Nigeria’s digital landscape,” Miada said.

The RoW charge is the fee that telecom companies pay to state governments in exchange for deploying optic cable on state roadways. RoW charges are usually pegged at N145 (1 cent) per metre but some states reportedly charge N9 000 (US$5,88)

Nigerian states have been reluctant to waive RoW charges despite a commitment by governors.

The elimination of charges by Zamfara, the seventh largest of 36 states, follows a similar move by the Katsina state, also in the northwest.

The elimination took effect in January.

– CAJ News

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