DStv Price Increase in South Africa (Effective April 1, 2024)

Effective April 1, 2024, DStv subscribers in South Africa will experience price adjustments across various packages. MultiChoice, the company behind DStv, has attributed these changes to the depreciation of the Rand against the US dollar. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new pricing for each DStv package:

  1. DStv Premium: The monthly subscription fee for DStv Premium will increase by 5.7% to R929 per month, up from R879.
  2. DStv Compact Plus: Subscribers to DStv Compact Plus will see a 6.9% increase, bringing the monthly fee to R619, compared to the previous R579.
  3. DStv Compact: The monthly fee for DStv Compact will rise by 4.5% to R469, up from R449.
  4. DStv Family: Subscribers to DStv Family will experience a 3.1% increase, with the monthly fee going up to R329 from R319.
  5. DStv Access: DStv Access subscribers will face a 7.8% increase, bringing the monthly fee to R139 from R129.
  6. DStv Access Fee: The access fee for DStv is set to increase by 4.3% to R120 per month, compared to the previous R115.
  7. DStv EasyView: There will be no change in the monthly fee for DStv EasyView, which will remain at R29 per month.

Above-Inflation Increases for Some Packages

It’s noteworthy that the increases for DStv Compact Plus and DStv Access surpass South Africa’s current inflation rate, which is approximately 6%.

Enhancements for DStv Access Subscribers

Despite the price increase, DStv Access subscribers will receive additional sports content to compensate for the higher cost. This includes access to channels such as ESPN, La Liga, SuperSport Variety 4, and SuperSport Blitz.

Stability in Streaming and Additional Services

While package fees are rising, there will be no price adjustments for add-on services such as ADD Movies and DStv BoxOffice rentals. Similarly, streaming-only services like Showmax will maintain their current subscription fees.

Showmax Promotion and Price Guarantee

MultiChoice is introducing initiatives to promote its Showmax service. It plans to offer a curated selection of Showmax content on a rebranded M-Net channel, allowing DStv subscribers to sample Showmax content before subscribing. Additionally, MultiChoice is introducing “price guarantee” agreements, enabling subscribers to lock in their current price for the duration of their contract.

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