DStv and GOtv Price Increase in Kenya: What You Need to Know (Effective April 1, 2024)

Kenyan subscribers to DStv and GOtv, popular streaming services from MultiChoice, will be shelling out more money starting April 1, 2024. The company announced price increases for all DStv packages except the most basic “Access” tier, and for several GOtv packages. MultiChoice attributed the adjustments to the challenging economic climate.

Breakdown of Price Increases

Here’s a table summarizing the new pricing for both DStv and GOtv:

PackageOld Price (KSh)New Price (KSh)Increase (KSh)
Compact Plus62006500300
Supa Plus35003700200

Impact on Subscribers

The price increase comes at a time when many Kenyans are already facing economic hardships. The impact will vary depending on the package a subscriber uses. Premium DStv users will see the most significant jump (Sh600), while some GOtv packages have minimal increases (Sh20-21).

MultiChoice’s Justification

In a statement, MultiChoice acknowledged the difficulty of the economic situation and claimed they minimized the price hikes as much as possible. They haven’t disclosed the specific economic factors influencing their decision.

Considering Your Options

With the price adjustments, some subscribers may re-evaluate their needs and consider alternative streaming services. It’s worth comparing features, content libraries, and overall value before making a decision.

DStv and GOtv Offerings

Both DStv and GOtv offer a wide range of content catering to different interests. DStv boasts over 165 channels across various packages, featuring news, sports, documentaries, movies, kids’ shows, and entertainment. GOtv provides a more budget-friendly option with a good selection of channels in similar categories.


The price increase for DStv and GOtv in Kenya is sure to impact subscribers’ choices. By understanding the new pricing structure, the rationale behind the changes, and exploring alternative options, Kenyans can make informed decisions about their entertainment subscriptions.

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