How much are Teachers paid in South Africa (2024) ?

South Africa’s educational landscape witnessed significant adjustments. These adjustments resonate deeply within the teaching profession, where salaries are intricately structured based on notches, determined by position and level of experience.

For instance, entry-level teachers at notch 001 now receive an annual salary of R128,838 (equivalent to R10,700 per month), while the highest notch, notch 432, offers an annual salary of R1,098,408 (or R91,500 monthly). Those possessing a Relative Equivalent Qualification Value (REQV) of 13, equivalent to a Matric plus three years of study, commence with a salary of R221,355 per annum (R18,400 per month). This escalates for those with REQV14 (Matric plus four years of study), starting at R292,764 per annum (R24,400 per month).

Reflecting the evolving qualifications landscape, the system anticipates most new entrants possessing REQV14 or higher, ensuring a progressive salary trajectory as teachers advance through the system. School managers, particularly principals, occupy the highest earning bracket, with maximum salaries surpassing the million-rand mark annually.

Furthermore, in line with government directives, the current non-pensionable monthly cash allowance for teachers extends to 31 March 2023, providing financial stability for educators.

Here’s a breakdown of the roles, corresponding notches, and salary ranges:

RoleMin NotchMax NotchMin SalaryMax Salary
General Classroom Teacher
Teacher REQV 10-12001106R128,838R219,177
Teacher REQV 13108268R221,355R489,192
Senior Teacher REQV 13200268R346,893R489,192
Master Teacher REQV 13232268R408,969R489,192
Teacher REQV 14-17164326R292,764R650,172
Senior Teacher REQV 14-17200326R346,893R650,172
Master Teacher REQV 14-17232326R408,969R650,172
School-Based Management
Departmental Head210392R364,599R902,907
Deputy Principal244408R434,118R977,697
Principal S1001362R128,838R777,714
Principal P1210362R364,599R777,714
Principal P2244392R434,118R902,907
Principal P3280420R540,375R1,037,838
Principal P4308426R597,150R1,069,269
Principal P5350432R732,633R1,098,408

Notably, research reveals that teachers’ total remuneration packages exceed basic salaries. These packages incorporate additional benefits such as pension contributions, annual service bonuses, and medical aid subsidies, elevating the average monthly income substantially.

For instance, teachers opting for the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) receive a medical aid subsidy, while housing allowances are available for those who own or rent property. These supplementary benefits contribute to an average monthly salary ranging from R22,000 to R42,000, showcasing the comprehensive nature of teacher compensation in South Africa.

In the gazette provided by the department, the all-inclusive salary notches reflect this comprehensive approach, with notch 001 totaling R810,498 and notch 121 reaching R1,467,768. It’s imperative to note that councillors, therapists, and psychologists operate on distinct salary scales and notches, further delineating the diverse remuneration structures within the public sector.

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