List of Free DStv Channels (South Africa)

DStv is a household name in South Africa, synonymous with entertainment for the whole family.  They offer a variety of channel packages to suit different preferences. But did you know there are also a selection of free-to-air channels available?

This guide explores both free and paid DStv channels, helping you navigate your viewing options:

Free DStv Channels List

While a paid subscription is required to access DStv’s full selection, they also provide a bouquet of free-to-air channels, typically featuring South African public broadcasters. These channels offer a variety of content, including news, educational programs, and local shows.

Here’s a quick reference table of the free DStv channels:

Channel NameChannel CodeDescription
SABC 1191South African Broadcasting Corporation’s main channel, offering news, current affairs, and a variety of local programs.
SABC 2192Focuses on educational programming, documentaries, and cultural shows.
SABC 3193Offers a mix of popular dramas, sitcoms, and movies.
e.TV194A popular commercial channel featuring local and international content, including soap operas, reality shows, and movies.
Other Free Channels251-299, 701These channels may include regional broadcasters, religious channels, and educational programming (availability may vary).

How to unlock DStv Free channels

Did you know there are hidden free-to-air channels on every DStv satellite dish? Follow the steps below to access them. Note that you can only access them if you have the DStv dish installed.

  • Go to the Menu of your device by pressing the blue button using your remote control.
  • Select Settings, then Satellite Settings.
  • Select Additional Network under Satellite Settings. You will find Networks 1 to 5.
  • Do not change any frequencies on Network 1. However, input YES where there is NO.
  • On Network 2, change the frequency to 11514 or 11170, symbol rate to 28750, FEC to 3/4, and polarisation to vertical or horizontal. Next, apply scan this.
  • On Network 3, change the frequency to 12562, modulation to DVB-S2, symbol to 30000, FEC to 5/6, and polarisation to horizontal. Next, apply scan this.
  • On Network 4, change the frequency to 12522, symbol to 27500 or 30000, FEC to 3/4, and polarisation to horizontal. Apply scan this.
  • On Network 5, change the frequency to 12633 or 12657 for sound, the symbol rate to 16166 or 4883 for sound, FEC to 5/6, and polarisation to vertical. Apply scan this.
  • If you successfully complete the steps above, you will have new channels added to Network 2/5. You need to make a few changes to the settings to access them. Therefore, click YES to Enable Network and Use NIT. Modify the frequency to 12543, modulation to DVB-S, the symbol rate to 1600, FEC to 3/4, and polarisation to vertical.
  • Once done, change from My DStv Channels to All Channels, then press 100.
  • Scroll left to see all the channels coming before channel 100.

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