How to Access Municipal Bill Electronically in Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban 

Having trouble paying your municipal bill because it hasn’t arrived due to postal delays? Here’s how to access your bill electronically in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban (information updated for 2024):


  • Call for Your Balance: Dial 0860 Joburg (562874).
    • Press 1, then enter your account number (if known).
    • Press 1 again for balance information.
    • If you don’t have your account number, press 4 to speak with a consultant.
  • Get Your Bill Electronically: Register online at the Johannesburg e-billing website: link to Johannesburg e-billing website:
    • Complete the form and submit.
    • You’ll receive login details via email.
    • Your statements will be emailed monthly.
    • Once registered, you can download past statements (up to 6 months) using a unique pin code on your statement.
  • Visit a Customer Service Center: Find locations at the Johannesburg customer service centers: link to Johannesburg customer service centers: [invalid URL removed].

Cape Town

  • Request a Duplicate Invoice: The City of Cape Town reports minimal postal strike impact, but can provide duplicate invoices if needed. Contact the call center at 0860 103 089 or email
  • Get Your Bill Electronically: Register for online access at the Cape Town e-billing website: link to Cape Town e-billing website:
    • If already registered, log in with your credentials.
    • If not registered, select “register here.”
  • Email for Statements: You can also request statements be emailed by calling or emailing the contact information above.
  • Late Payment Policy: Cape Town may extend grace periods for non-payment due to postal delays (up to one month).


  • Limited Impact Reported: The Ethekwini Municipality reports minimal impact from the postal strike.
  • Contact Your Service Branch: Find a branch location at the Durban service branches: link to Durban service branches:
  • Email for Your Bill: If your bill hasn’t arrived, request it via email at
  • Get Your Bill Electronically: Register for online access at the Durban e-billing website: link to Durban e-billing website:
    • Enter your ID number and password (if already registered).
    • If not registered, follow the prompts.
  • Late Payment Policy: Ethekwini Municipality considers each case of arrears on an individual basis.

Important Note: Even if you haven’t received a physical bill, you are still responsible for payment.pen_spark

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