How to register and Use M-Pesa Pochi la Biashara

M-Pesa Pochi La Biashara is a specialized mobile money product offered by M-PESA, tailored to meet the unique financial needs of small business owners in Kenya. Whether you’re a kiosk owner, boda-boda operator, food vendor, or second-hand clothes dealer, Pochi La Biashara enables you to efficiently manage your business finances separately from your personal funds, all using your existing M-PESA number.

Advantages of M-Pesa Pochi La Biashara

  • Simple Registration: Signing up for Pochi La Biashara is quick and straightforward, with no paperwork required. This means you can start using the service almost immediately, without any bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Financial Separation: One of the key benefits of Pochi La Biashara is its ability to help you segregate your business funds from your personal finances. This separation makes it easier to track your business transactions, manage expenses, and monitor profitability.
  • Transaction Security: With Pochi La Biashara, payments made cannot be reversed without your approval. This added layer of security ensures that your business funds are protected from unauthorized transactions.
  • Airtime Sales: Pochi La Biashara allows you to sell airtime directly from your business account and earn a commission of 5% on every sale. This additional revenue stream can help boost your income without requiring extra effort.
  • Mini Statements: Stay informed about your business finances with access to mini statements. These statements provide a snapshot of your latest transactions, helping you keep track of your cash flow and monitor your business performance.
  • Exemption from Fuliza Deductions: Unlike personal M-PESA accounts, Fuliza loan settlements are not deducted from your Pochi balance. This ensures that your business funds remain intact and can be used for operational expenses without interruption.
  • Generous Transaction Limit: Pochi La Biashara offers a daily transaction limit of up to Ksh. 500,000, providing you with the flexibility to conduct business transactions of varying sizes without restrictions.

How to Register for Pochi La Biashara

  1. Ensure Eligibility: To register for Pochi La Biashara, you need to have a registered Safaricom M-PESA line.
  2. *Dial 334#: Dial the USSD code *334# on your mobile phone and select the option for Pochi La Biashara.
  3. Join Pochi: Follow the prompts to join Pochi and accept Safaricom’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. Select Business Category: Choose your business category or service provider to complete the registration process.
  5. Confirmation: Upon successful registration, you’ll receive an SMS confirming your enrollment in the Pochi La Biashara service.

How to Use Pochi La Biashara

  • Deposit Money: Customers can deposit funds into your Pochi using your registered M-PESA number, providing a convenient way to receive payments from clients and customers.
  • Sell Airtime: Utilize Pochi La Biashara to sell airtime directly to customers, earning a commission on every sale and expanding your revenue streams.
  • Check Balance: Stay updated on your business finances by checking your Pochi balance regularly, ensuring you have sufficient funds to meet your business needs.
  • Withdraw Funds: Transfer money from your Pochi to your M-PESA account or withdraw cash through an authorized agent, giving you access to your funds whenever you need them.
  • Check Statement: Access mini statements to review your transaction history and monitor your business’s financial performance over time.

How to Withdraw Money From Pochi

To Move Money to Your M-Pesa Number:

  • Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select From Pochi la Biashara to My M-Pesa
  • Enter the amount and complete the transaction using your M-Pesa PIN

Note: This transaction does not incur any charges. However, the daily M-Pesa transactional limit applies.

To Withdraw Through M-Pesa Agent

  1. Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  2. Select Withdraw from Agent
  3. Enter Agent Number
  4. Enter the amount and complete the transaction using your M-Pesa PIN

Note: Normal withdrawal from agent charges apply.

How to Check Your Statement

  • Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select My Account
  • Select My Statement
  • Select Mini Statement and Enter M-PESA PIN to confirm the statement request
  • You will receive an SMS displaying the statement requested.

Note: No charges are applied.

How to Opt Out of Pochi La Biashara

  • *Dial 334#: To opt out of the Pochi La Biashara service, dial *334# on your mobile phone and select the option for Pochi La Biashara.
  • Leave the Service: Follow the prompts to leave the service, and you’ll receive an SMS confirmation once your opt-out request has been processed.
  • Transfer of Funds: Upon opting out, any remaining funds in your Pochi account will be transferred to your personal M-PESA account for your convenience and continued use.

With M-Pesa Pochi La Biashara, managing your business finances has never been easier. Enjoy the convenience, security, and flexibility of this specialized mobile money solution, designed to help small business owners thrive in the digital economy.

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