KNEC KCSE Subjects Codes Selection and Groups (2024)

Secondary schools in Kenya offer a variety of subjects under the 8.4.4 curriculum, with a maximum of 30 subjects authorized by the Ministry of Education. These subjects are chosen by individual schools based on their resources and faculty expertise and are then assessed by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).

KCSE Requirements

To be awarded a KCSE certificate, students must take a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 9 subjects. As of the 2022 KCSE candidates, KNEC implemented a revised grading system with only two compulsory subjects:

  • English (101) or Kiswahili (102) or Kenya Sign Language (504)
  • Mathematics (121 or 122) – Alternative A or B

The remaining 5 to 7 subjects are chosen from the student’s best-performing electives offered by the school.

List of KCSE Subjects

Subject CodeSubject Name
121Mathematics (Alternative A)
122Mathematics (Alternative B)
236Biology for the Blind
237General Science
311Christian Religious Education
313Islamic Religious Education
314Hindu Religious Education
441Home Science
442Art and Design
446Building Construction
447Power Mechanics
449Drawing and Design
450Aviation Technology
451Computer Studies
565Business Studies

KCSE Subject Groupings

For reference, here’s a breakdown of how KCSE subjects are categorized into groups:

Group 1: Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • English (101) or Kiswahili (102) or Kenya Sign Language (504)
  • Mathematics (121 or 122)

Group 2: Sciences

  • Biology (231)
  • Physics (232)
  • Chemistry (233)
  • Biology for the Blind (236)
  • General Science (237)

Group 3: Humanities

  • Geography (312)
  • History and Government (311)
  • Christian Religious Education (313)
  • Islamic Religious Education (314)
  • Hindu Religious Education (315)

Group 4: Applied Technical Subjects

  • (List not provided here. Consult KNEC website or your school for details.)

Group 5: Languages and Others

  • Business Studies (565)
  • French (501)
  • German (502)
  • Arabic (503)
  • Kenya Sign Language (504)
  • Music (511)

Understanding the KCSE subject options and groupings can help students strategically choose their courses to optimize their academic performance and future prospects. However, students may have limited choices based on the subjects offered by their respective schools. It’s essential to consult with school authorities and academic advisors to make informed decisions regarding subject selection.

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