Know Your SASSA SRD Statuses

This guide explains the different SASSA SRD Grant application statuses you might encounter and what they mean. Knowing your status can help you understand the next steps or if any action is required on your end.

Understanding Your SASSA SRD Grant Status

1. Pending Status:

  • This means your application is currently being reviewed by SASSA. It can take some time to process new applications.
  • Action: Be patient and continue checking your status online or by phone.

2. Declined Status:

  • This indicates your application has been rejected.
  • Action: Visit your local SASSA office with your documents to understand the specific reason for rejection. You may also be eligible to appeal the decision.

3. Approved Status (Congratulations!):

  • Your application for the March 2024 grant has been approved!
  • Action: You’ll receive information about your payment date and how to collect your R350 grant.

4. Re-application Pending:

  • This means you haven’t submitted a new application for the upcoming month’s grant.
  • Action: Re-apply for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R350 grant on the SASSA website to ensure you receive future payments.

5. Status On Hold:

  • This indicates there might be missing or incorrect information in your application.
  • Action: Review your application on the SASSA website and update any missing or incorrect details.

6. Bank Details Pending:

  • To receive your R350 grant via bank deposit, you need to provide your bank account information.
  • Action: Submit your bank details on the SASSA website as soon as possible.

7. Means Income Source Identified Undefined:

  • This means SASSA couldn’t verify your income source during the means test used to determine eligibility.
  • Action: Contact your local SASSA office to clarify your income situation and provide any necessary documentation.

8. Cancelled Status:

  • This means your application was unsuccessful due to:
    • Failing SASSA’s verification process.
    • Incomplete application.
    • SASSA identifying another source of income that disqualifies you.
  • Action: If you believe the cancellation is in error, contact your local SASSA office to discuss the situation.


  • Regularly check your SASSA application status for updates.
  • You can check your status online or by phone using the methods outlined by SASSA.
  • If you have any questions or require clarification on your status, don’t hesitate to contact your local SASSA office.

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