NSFAS Grant Funding Amounts For 2024

The recent adjustments to NSFAS funding for both TVET college and university students represent a significant advancement in acknowledging the rising costs of higher education and promoting greater accessibility. Beyond mere numerical changes, these updates aim to remove financial obstacles and empower students to achieve academic success. Let’s delve deeper into the implications and benefits of these changes.

TVET College Students


  • The revised funding provides tiered allowances based on location:
    • Urban Area: R24,000 per year
    • Peri-Urban Area: R18,900 per year
    • Rural Area: R15,750 per year


  • Support for transportation is offered in two ways:
    • Up to 40km from institution: R7,350 per year (commuting students)
    • General Transport Allowance: R7,000 per year (applicable to all)

Annual Allowance

  • TVET students receive an annual allowance of R2,900 for incidental/personal expenses, similar to university students.

University Students


  • Costs are covered based on the university’s actual charges, with a cap on private accommodation costs to ensure affordability and fairness.


  • Students commuting up to 40km from the institution receive a transport allowance of R7,500 per year.

Living Allowance

  • An annual allowance of R15,000 is allocated to help students manage daily expenses and focus on their studies.

Book Allowance

  • Students receive R5,200 per year to purchase essential textbooks and academic materials.

Annual Allowance for Catered Residences

  • Students in catered residences get an annual allowance of R2,900 for personal expenses.

Support for Students with Disabilities

Carer Support

  • Students requiring assistance can select a carer, subject to approval by the institution and NSFAS, ensuring compliance with guidelines.

Policy Compliance

Responsible Funding Decisions

  • Funding allocation and disbursement are conducted transparently and responsibly, following strict national financial governance standards.

Accountability and Governance

  • Compliance with national financial regulations strengthens NSFAS’s commitment to accountability and good governance, fostering public trust and effective fund utilization.

Overall Benefits

  • Addressing Real Costs: The revised funding acknowledges the rising cost of living and educational expenses.
  • Promoting Accessibility: By reducing financial burdens, these changes give more students the opportunity to pursue higher education.
  • Ensuring Equity: Capped accommodation costs for university students promote fairness in housing options.
  • Supporting All Students: Tailored support mechanisms cater to the specific needs of students with disabilities.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Adherence to national financial regulations ensures responsible use of public funds.

This update to NSFAS funding signifies a positive step towards a more inclusive and accessible higher education landscape for all South African students.

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