DRC tightens security amid reported coup attempt


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) president Felix Tshisekedi

from JEAN KASSONGO in Kinshasa, DRC
DRC Bureau
KINSHASA, (CAJ News) – AUTHORITIES have heightened security in the capital Kinshasa and other areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following an alleged coup attempt on Sunday.

The government assured that the situation is under control after reports indicated armed men clashed with Deputy Prime Minister Vital Kamerhe’s personal guard near his residence.

Another group attempted to take over the Palais de la Nation, the office of President Felix Tshisekedi.

Officials indicated several of the assailants were killed, including one of the alleged leaders. At least two police officers were also reportedly killed.

At least 50 others were arrested.

Among those arrested are reportedly three United States citizens.

American officials in DRC have been quoted as saying they would collaborate with local authorities regarding the reports.

“Associated localized transport and business disruptions are likely over the coming hours and days,” a security think-tank stated.

Officials were forecast to implement movement restrictions, including curfews and vehicle checks, in the impacted area.

“Further clashes are possible as government forces attempt to locate and apprehend suspects. Protests are possible,” the security expert forecast.

DRC has been synonymous with unrest since independence in 1960.

Millions have been displaced following clashes between the national army and numerous rebel groups.

– CAJ News

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