Global consequences of a Google, Huawei fallout

Google, Huawei

Google, Huawei

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) A RESEARCH executive has offered insights into the global consequences of Google’s revocation of its Android licence from Huawei following a trade spat between the United States and China.

Gartner Vice President for Research, Annette Zimmermann

Gartner Vice President for Research, Annette Zimmermann

Annette Zimmermann, Vice President of Gartner Research, said consequentially, Google was in a predicament with these differences with a company that is one of its main hardware partners.

She said the issue highlighted how smartphone vendors dependent were on Google.

“At the same time this is not a favorable situation for Google either having a fall-out with one of its largest hardware partners (Huawei),” Zimmerman said.

She said consequently, some other vendors might benefit from this situation, as smartphone users would look to other brands.

In Western Europe, Gartner has noted a growing presence of other Chinese brands such as Oppo and Xiaomi.

Huawei’s biggest Android-competitor – Samsung – may also benefit from Huawei’s troubles, Zimmermann said.

She said alternatively, some users might also look to the Apple ecosystem in this situation.

However, it remains to be seen if a last-minute deal could be established between Google and Huawei to allow the latter to bring its future devices to market with Google-branded apps, according to the Gartner executive.

With over US$100 billion annual revenue in 2018, Huawei is one of China’s most valuable companies. Its consumer business grew 45,1 percent in revenue in 2018.

The business entity, now making up 48,4 percent of overall revenue, has overtaken its network core business.

Huawei came second in the overall phone market share in the first quarter of 2019, according to Gartner, with a 13,6 percent share.

The market is waiting in anticipation over the next fortnight leading to the announcement of Huawei’s new flagship device, the Mate 30.

The device will likely run a version of Android but users might not have access to Google-branded apps.

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