Mugabe’s ill-gotten wealth revealed

Mugabe and wife Grace

Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and wife Grace. File photo

from MARCUS MUSHONGA in Harare, Zimbabwe
HARARE, (CAJ News) THE Master of the High Court has revealed the extent of the wealth former Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, had stashed at home and abroad.

His wealth is widely believed to be running to $10 billion (R14.65 billion).

The wealth, which emanate from various properties and investments across the world, are believed to have been loot during Mugabe’s reign while his country, once dubbed the breadbasket of Africa, sprawls in abject poverty.

The strongman had cash and properties, allegedly ill-gotten, across the world, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, neighbouring South Africa and United Arab Emirates (Dubai), it has emerged.

According to a Government Gazette seen by CAJ News Africa, Mugabe’s estate has long list of properties running to billions of dollars, which comprise 21 farms, more than 5 000 cattle, streets in Harare, numerous investments, houses, cash running into millions of United States dollars, precious minerals and even wild animals.

A local law firm Venturas and Samkange Legal Practitioners, whose family lawyer Terrence Hussein are responsible for executing Mugabe’s estate before end of this week, revealed what the former president owned.

It is widely believed that part of Mugabe’s wealth include thousands of cattle drawn from more than 21 farms nationwide.

Mugabe also owned 11 combine harvesters and many unknown houses since attainment of the country’s independence from Britain in 1980. Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years.

Recently, Mugabe’s family spokesperson Walter Chidhakwa, a former mines minister, announced the late president’s belongings were distributed in accordance with traditional custom at a memorial held in Zvimba on October 19.

The family flagship property is the luxurious Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale, Harare, which is estimated at $10 million (R146,5 million).

The Blue Roof house has 25 bedrooms with various other imposing compartments, including libraries, lounges, public toilets and bathrooms, large swimming pools and an underground escape route.

Apart from the 25 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and spas, the Blue Roof boasts an office complex, reception rooms, a large outdoor pool, a massive dining room that can seat more than 30 guests, a large master bedroom and a multimillion-dollar radar system.

The former president, through his wife Grace, owned both primary and secondary boarding schools through Amai Mugabe Group of Schools, which offer educational services to both day and boarding students from primary to high school.

They were registered as part of Mugabe’s multimillion-dollar investment that is part of the portfolio.

Mugabe also owned a huge house in the Midlands provincial capital of Gweru.

It was later turned into a museum.

Mugabe is widely believed to own a luxurious house in the Umhlanga suburb of Durban in neighbouring South Africa. It is believed he owned houses in Cape Town and Sandton.

The deceased is believed to be owning a hotel in the capital Pretoria in the neighbouring country where he allegedly enjoyed huge shares in local companies.

In Hong Kong, Mugabe is alleged to be owner of a US$6 million luxury villa while in Singapore, Mugabe reportedly owned flats.

Mugabe also owned several vintage cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom IV. It is a collector’s item with only 18 were ever manufactured.

Mugabe’s widow, Grace, is chauffeur driven in latest SUVs while her sons regularly post expensive cars on their social media handles.

– CAJ News

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