T-Systems outlines new transformation strategy

T-Systems South Africa

T-Systems South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) T-Systems South Africa, the information and communications technology (ICT) company, is transforming its strategy in line with the country’s National Development Plan 2030.

Its strategy is in support of its Nation Building Initiative aimed at boosting education, skills transfer and employment opportunities for South Africa’s youth.

The company is relocating to new premises in Rosebank in January 2020, in a move that will drive workforce collaboration and heighten efficiencies.

This will allow the company to align its work environment with its 2020 Business Transformation Strategy, positioning the business for growth, stability and agility.

“As we move forward, embracing a new way of doing business, this requires a new working environment that supports our goals,” said Dineo Molefe, Managing Director at T-Systems South Africa.

“Our people are central to achieving our Business 2020 Transformation Strategy and play a pivotal role in creating an innovative, dynamic and agile environment for the growth of the business, not just in a profitable way but also in a meaningful manner too.”

Molefe said T-Systems was transforming the business to drive growth and stability for the business amidst a challenging marketplace and a changing client base.

It is anticipated this would enable the company create a strong focus on its core competencies and identify new opportunities where it can leverage its strengths, expertise and international muscle.

“We are continuing to drive business in our areas of excellence, identifying what no longer serves our customers and our business, pursuing opportunities for us to jointly succeed with our partners and customers and ensuring we conduct business with integrity,” Molefe said.

T-Systems will focus on the four enablement areas for its customers, namely Connectivity, Digital, Security as well as Cloud and Infrastructure.

“I am excited about the strategy, transformation and relocation to new premises and the possibilities it creates for a more focused organisation. This strengthens our ability to resolve critical business issues for our customers in a competitive environment and enabling them to thrive,” Molefe concluded.

– CAJ News

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