Closing Africa’s cyber skills gap crucial


Cyber security

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CYBER attacks are posing a larger threat to the success of organisations in Africa as well as the welfare of individuals more than ever before.

This is thanks to the increased reliance on technology,

The current global cyber security skills shortage is exacerbating the crisis, hence it is crucial to address this scarcity of expertise.

Trend Micro noted the cyber security space has recently seen rapid growth due to the massive increase in digitalisation, expanding the attack surface.

Many organisations have struggled to keep up with the demand for skilled talent.

The recent ESG report showed around 70 percent of personnel felt their organisations had been negatively impacted by the skills shortage which has left over 3,5 million positions unfilled.

While Africa has seen great improvement in technology investment, especially in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa, the continent faces a significant shortage.

Experts point out that the region is typically overlooked when it comes to technology, yet Sub-Saharan Africa is home to the largest youth population and some of the fastest-growing economies.

Trend Micro noted that building digital skills in the region is essential to Africa remaining competitive in the future but insufficient investment from the businesses and government organisations is a hindrance.

The company is running its Certification Programme in IT Security (CPITS), a free ten-week programme focusing on the soft and hard skills required to succeed in the cyber security field.

It is open to recent ICT-related and engineering graduates from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Mauritius.

CPITS offers participants the opportunity to earn industry-recognised certificates and potential job opportunities at Trend Micro to kick-start their career.

“The CPITS programme was that one opportunity that turned things around and kickstarted my career in cyber security,” said Fortress Abioye, associate systems engineer and 2021 CPITS graduate.

Abioye got trained in the various aspects of cyber security and in soft skills by seasoned instructors.

Trend Micro believes considering the “years-long 0 percent” unemployment rate in the cyber security field, this is an opportunity for those interested in technology to join the programmes over 400 graduates in finding meaningful employment in the industry.

“This program reflects Trend Micro’s commitment to closing the cyber security skills gap, increasing diversity in the field, and providing the youth of South Africa with skills fit for digital-age positions,” it stated.

The next edition of the CPITS will run from January to March 2023.

Applications close mid-November.

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