Migrants in SA to send goods back home efficiently


Hello Paisa CEO, Moosa Manjra

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – MILLIONS of Malawian and Zimbabwean migrants in South Africa can now buy and send groceries back home hassle-free following the introduction of a solution by a technology-focused company.

The Malaicha.com solution, a Hello Paisa product, is already transforming the lives of thousands of migrants and their families back home.

It eliminates the problems suffered by the migrants who have previously been exposed to some unscrupulous informal transporters.

Some goods and groceries being sent back home would reach the final destination spoiled while some would not be accounted for.

In some instances, some illegal transporters would have their vehicles broken down, impounded or delayed at borders.

Through Malaicha.com, migrants can now buy goods and groceries on the app for their loved ones back home.

The recipients would then collect their goods and groceries in Malawi and Zimbabwe without hassle.

Malaicha.com staffers

Malaicha.com staffers at their company promotion event in Rosebank, Johannesburg

“Our simple message is to tell customers about Malaicha.com App. Malaicha.com delivers basic commodities to all cities (in Zimbabwe),” said Moosa Manjra, CEO of Hello Paisa.

He was speaking at an event in Rosebank, Johannesburg on Wednesday.

“Zimbabweans in South Africa can be rest assured of food back home…..do everything from their home using Malaicha,” Moosa said.

“Customers simply do it (buying goods and groceries) on Malaicha app…..and there is no better way in using our app.”

The Malaicha solution guarantees customers same-day collection of their orders in Malawi and Zimbabwe, a development that has eliminated challenges associated with sending such goods and groceries via third parties or illegal transporters.

The solution is simple.

Firstly, the customer would login to the App. After logging-in, the customer would select preferred goods and groceries on the App.

After selecting the desired groceries, the customer would be required to also select preferred collection city before choosing the shopping category.

The customer would then add items to their cart and then checkout. The Malaicha.com App provides the customer with a click select and add recipient/s back home, choose collection or delivery.

Upon completion of placing desired orders, the customer would then press or click the “confirm” order.

The approved retailers in South Africa where Malawi and Zimbabwean migrants can settle their orders include: Hello Stores, Ackermans, Boxer Supermarkets, Builders, Checkers, Game, Makro, OK, PEP, Pick ‘n’ Pay, Shoprite, Spar and Rhino Cash & Carry.

Credible financial institutions such as the First National Bank (FNB), Standard Bank and Nedbank have been approved to assist Zimbabwe and Malawi migrants settle their orders using the supplied reference.

Malaicha.com offers free delivery to recipients within 20km from selected stores.
Goods and groceries would be delivered within five working days.

It is Hello Group’s aim to create integrated consumer and business services for migrant and marginalised communities.

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