OPINION: Why Francis Bergoglio will have the Vatican vaccinated?


Bergoglio Pope

ROME, (CAJ News) THE Catholic media (11 December 2020) announced that Bergoglio plans to vaccinate his employees against COVID-19 in the first months of next year.

Commentary: Why does Bergoglio bring this plan into the open? He sets a precedent for the majority of the population in order to destroy the instinct of self-preservation against fatally dangerous vaccination.

Quote: “The Vatican will offer the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (bio-nano-technology).”

Commentary: What pharmaceutical company does Bergoglio advertise? Bio-nano-technologies use the vaccine for a covert form of chipping! This company is also known to use the tissue of children murdered by abortion, which must be torn out while the fetus is still alive in order to be used for the given purposes! The new vaccine changes the genome of the vaccinated human with modified RNA and DNA.

We ask 10 serious questions:

1) Is there a spiritual connection between the enthronement of the Pachamama demon in the Basilica of St Peter in 2019 and COVID-(20)19?

2) Bergoglio has declared vaccination for all! Did the enthronement of the Pachamama demon and Bergoglio’s legalization of sodomy pave the way for this vaccination crime? Scripture warns that the punishment for both sodomy and chipping is eternal fire.

3) If Bergoglio recommends a vaccine for everyone, we ask whether he has taken into account the very serious warnings of top medical experts in virology, bacteriology and immunology, such as Dr. J. Mikovits, Prof. S. Bhakdi, Prof. B. Schiffmann or others. They all urgently warn against the new vaccine, as it contains: 1) toxic substances, 2) modified RNA and DNA changing the human genome, 3) a hydrogel with nanoparticles!

4) The new vaccine changes the human genome, which will result in the annihilation of the human race! Bergoglio publicly promotes this crime, and that is why he bears the gravest responsibility not only before God but also before humanity!

5) The new vaccine also contains a hydrogel with organic nanoparticles. It is a form of chipping – total control, which is associated with the loss of free will and conscience. Bergoglio also bears the responsibility for a crime against humanity.

6) Is Bergoglio aware that by renouncing one’s will one is also deprived of conscience and can be used as a tool for the most serious crimes? It is a form of definitively selling one’s soul to the devil. Is Bergoglio aware that such a person will be a cold-blooded tool of depopulation, that is, the genocide of humanity?

7) Is Bergoglio aware that such a person will no longer be able to make an act of perfect contrition even at the hour of death, because he no longer has his own will or conscience? God’s warning that such a one will end up in the lake of fire is extremely urgent today! In fact, a true Pope should raise far greater alarm than medical experts! Bergoglio, as a professional liar, does the exact opposite: he boycotts medical professionals, he boycotts the warnings of the Holy Scriptures, and he cynically works towards the eternal destruction of souls when he demands: “vaccination for all”! He thus commits the most serious crime against God and against humanity.

8) If Bergoglio were not informed about the negative consequences of the new vaccines, he would not have the right to speak out in favour of something he does not know about. But if he does know about the fatal dangers of vaccines and promotes them, he has full responsibility and deserves the punishment of a mass murderer of humanity.

9) The way of salvation is for the bishops and priests in each nation to separate from the apostate Bergoglio and to adopt the restoration line represented by Archbishop C. M. Viganò.

10) Bergoglio is a false prophet and whoever obeys him will share his fate in the lake of fire, where the false prophet and the beast, as well as all those who received his mark – chipping, will be cast. (Apoc 19:20) This warning of God is extremely urgent today.

Better martyrdom than vaccino-chipping! Either eternal life in heaven or eternal death in hell! Vatican employees and Bergoglio have chosen vaccination, and hence eternal death in hell. Bergoglio’s Vatican really sets a precedent for us today, but it is intimidating!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

– CAJ News

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