Technology driving a wedge between God and His children



TECHNOLOGY is a double-edged sword.

While it is good for transforming people’s lives, it is equally bad when unmanaged properly.

I have witnessed sorry situations whereby elderly men and women wallow in strenuous household chores while their teenage girls and boys are addicted to television or social media.

Parents have largely ignored or neglected their Jehovah-given responsibilities of teaching their children requisite manners.

The word of Jehovah is clear on this, as confirmed on Proverbs 22:6 of the English Standard Version.

It reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Good parents would know that children do not make wise choices unguided while a majority of children would simply refuse to follow the values their parents have tried to teach them.

Yet in future, the same stubborn children would complain about the consequences of their actions.

Some parents have a habit of ignoring or giving housemaids responsibilities to nurture, discipline and guide their children while they go out to merrying and drinking.

If I had an opportunity to pose questions to these uncaring and reckless parents, I would ask them where they were when their kids were five years old.

I would also ask why parents waited until their children became 20 years so that they start teaching them to work for themselves as well as embracing self-discipline.

Remember early years, especially three-to-five years are crucial for teenagers and young adults.

Foolish children always anger their parents the most.

According to Proverbs 17:25 of the New Living Translation: “Foolish children bring grief to their father and bitterness to the one who gave them birth,” while Proverbs 10:1 of the Good News Translation says: “Wise children make their fathers proud of them; foolish ones bring their mothers grief.”

I have observed how children love computers, iPods, cell phones, among others as they glue their eyes on these gadgets at the expense of embracing Jehovah-given instructions.

Some high school, college or university children cannot even clean, sweep, trash grass, make the bed, bath unchecked, wash the car, run errands or pray on their own.

When being trained, children must always know that parents are not there to do what they like, but do exactly what needs to be done to ensure their training or upbringing would define their future.

Brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, those who believe in this True Gospel, say amen!

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