South Africans save millions by sharing


SHAREit Country Manager, Chanel Hardman

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) SOUTH African mobile users are saving R390 million (US$27,45 million) on data monthly by sharing applications through offering that offer file transfers at no cost.

This enables millions in the country to evade the high cost of data, according to SHAREit.

The company, which has nearly 20 million monthly active users in South Africa, discloses a million apps are shared daily and 10 million GB of data transferred monthly. Transfers can go up to 20 MB/sec.

Chanel Hardman, Country Manager at SHAREit, said people loved to share apps, videos and games with each other but were limited by budgets and the cost of data.

“Consumers want to do more with their mobile devices, they want to share experiences and engage with friends and family,” she added.

“This is one of the reasons why SHAREit has become such a success. Currently, the app has nearly 20 million monthly active users in South Africa.”

Hardman quoted the Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2021 report by Cable, which unpacked more than 6 000 mobile data plans across 230 countries.

South Africa sits on 136th place at R39 on average for 1GB of mobile data.

Nonetheless, it is not the most expensive. Equatorial Guinea is, with R509. Still, Israel and Italy sit at less than R2.

SHAREit spans 150 countries and regions.

Hardman believes brands could use SHAREit to achieve solid business growth and to gain a foothold on this growing platform.

The platform runs marketing campaigns for various industries ranging from telecommunication, e-commerce and gaming.

“It’s a smart business move as it puts solutions in front of millions of people who are hungry for new experiences, and who have moved to us because they are data and budget-conscious,” Hardman concluded.

– CAJ News


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