Opposition to compulsory COVID-19 vaccination


President Cyril Ramaphosa is seen here receiving the COVID-19 jab, but he went on to become COVID-19 positive.

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) A HUMAN rights activist has opposed plans to implement COVID-19 vaccination mandates in South Africa.

Collen Makumbirofa expressed his opposition in an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The activist argued the mandates are against the South African Constitution Bill of Rights.

Makumbirofa also argued COVID-19 vaccination is a medical experiment.

“The South African constitution explicitly states that no one must be forced to take medical experiment,” he said.

The activist further argued pharmaceutical companies were unwilling to take responsibility for the side effects of vaccination.

“Therefore no one must be forced to take the vaccination,” Makumbirofa argued.

He reiterated belief among government critics that COVID-19 infections and deaths were faked so as to instill fear and prompt people to panic and rush to take vaccination.

“COVID-19 vaccination is a fraud on international scale.”

There is skepticism around vaccines, considering people can still contract the virus and die despite receiving the vaccines.

Ramaphosa is vaccinated but contracted COVID-19 in December 2021.

That month, he disclosed South Africa was considering making vaccination mandatory for access to public services and businesses.

This week, the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) cautioned companies against introducing mandatory vaccination policies, arguing they risked violating the Constitutional rights of workers.

South Africa has administered over 28,9 million vaccines.

– CAJ News

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