FreeZim Congress sets sights on 2023 general polls


Free Zimbabwe President, Mr. Joseph Busha. Photo by Savious Kwinika, CAJ News Africa

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) THE opposition FreeZim Congress is fielding a single candidate in the forthcoming by-elections as its main focus is the general elections set for next year.

Turner Mhango, will contest the March 26 by-elections in the Mwenezi East constituency on the party’s ticket, in a bid to replace Joosbi Omar, the late Member of Parliament (MP) for the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

Party leader, Joseph Makamba Busha, said the main focus is the 2023 harmonised elections hence the fielding of a single candidate.

Preparations for those polls are underway, he said in an in interview with CAJ News Africa.

“We are focused on planning our Elective Conference in September and the 2023 General Elections, hence only one candidate is standing for the by-elections. Yes, in 2023 we are fielding for every position and hoping to win,” Busha said.

Busha said his party was adequately and extensively preparing to take ZANU-PF head-on in an effort to ‘free’ Zimbabweans from oppression.

“Our preparations and reach are going very well. This time, Zimbabwe will be freed from the clutches of oppression and poverty,” he said.

ZANU-PF is blamed for poverty and corruption after assuming power in 1980 following a liberation war.

Busha dismissed assertions by some political observers that the opposition only targeted the Diaspora vote.

Analysts believe the opposition parties are cashing in on that vote as it puts ZANU-PF at a disadvantage as it is blamed for forcing millions of citizens out of the country due to controversial policies.

“The allegations are baseless,” Busha said.

“We are engaging everywhere. Zimbabweans are everywhere, so we go wherever they are.”

He bemoaned that Zimbabweans were disenfranchised.

“It’s important to engage all citizens because 2023 is important in the history of Zimbabwe and Africa.”

Busha is hopeful his party can revive the fortunes of the once thriving country.

“We want Zimbabwe to be the Centre of African renaissance and hope for global leadership,” Busha said.

Some 16 political parties are taking part in the March by-elections.

Busha came fourth in the last presidential elections, held in 2018.

He finished with 0,37 percent of the total vote as Emmerson Mnangagwa (51,44 percent) won his first presidential term.

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