Russia-Ukraine spat exposes double standards


NATO, US and Western hypocrisy exposed

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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News)THE invasion of Ukraine by Russia has exposed the hypocrisy prevalent in global politics.

Years after the United States (US) and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies invaded such countries as Iraq and Libya, the same nations and blocs are criticizing Russia.

“Hypocrites cheered when US, UK, Australia and Poland invaded and destroyed Iraq in 2003,” renowned African thinktank, Prof. Jonathan Moyo, tweeted.

“…and they cheered when US and NATO invaded and destroyed Libya in 2011. Now they are crying foul over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Get off it. All invasions are evil. Where is global non-alignment?” Moyo queried.

This has opened floodgates of criticism of the West, especially NATO, UK and the US.

“Prof Moyo, you are spot-on in this debate. The Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was warned before and urged not to take the route he took because it would lead into war,” said Nigeria’s Kehinde Abubakar.

Russia has criticized Ukraine of being a stooge of the West. Ukraine had sought to join NATO.

“Zelenskyy did not listen because he was deceived by NATO and the US. Look now! He was left to suffer alone, innocent people are being caught in the war-zone crossfire, infrastructure destroyed and investments lost,” said Abubakar in an interview with CAJ News Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One called The Villager reacted in his tweet: “Selective application of moral standards is nonsense, one needs to be consistent. When its #America and #LittleBritain invading and causing mayhem some pseudo human rights advocates look the other way.”

Teddy Chiuraise said: “Very true there Prof (Professor Moyo). If USA is not careful they might, for the first time, find themselves having to defend their own sovereignty. Fighting a war on their soil and that should terrify them!”

Mikagarco argued: “War is War and the innocent suffer. NATO should be disbanded just as Donald Trump (former US president) suggested.”

“There was no war during his (Trump) presidency because he knew NATO was the problem. Diplomacy and peace should prevail over armed conflict.”

Boss Major reminded the West: “Did Libya provoke NATO and how did Iraq provoke America (citing the US and NATO allies’ unprovoked attack and invasion of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and several other countries in the world?”

Elvis Mawaro insisted: “The Americans think that they have the right to dictate the affairs of the world.”

Stringer Bell weighed in: “Cuban missile crisis USA had issues with Cuba partnering with the Russians and getting missile defense systems because they are so close.”

Garikai Mhlanga supported the Russians’ invasion of Ukraine, saying: “This invasion is justified.”

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