SA targets more tourists from Northern Europe


Acting Chief Executive Officer for South Africa Tourism, Themba Khumalo

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – SOUTH African Tourism has embarked on a campaign to attract more travellers from Northern Europe.

A new digital campaign, “Lekker Local Tips”, has been launched.

It is a localisation of SA Tourism’s “Live Again initiative.

The last campaign gives European travelers in Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden the opportunity to experience South Africa through the eyes of locals who use their “local lekker tips” to highlight the beautiful parts of the country.

Themba Khumalo, SA Tourism Acting Chief Executive Officer, said the over-arching insight for this campaign is that Belgian, Dutch and Swedish consumers appreciate exploring a destination like a local would.

“They appreciate travel related information from credible sources such as frequent travellers and people with first–hand experience, and those with ‘inside info’,” he said.

This insight, coupled with an opportunity to showcase South Africa, ignited the idea to localise the global Live Again campaign.

The “lekker local tips” campaign title was chosen to resonate with the Dutch, Flemish and Swedish speaking markets while creating familiarity around a word South Africans use within a similar context.

SA Tourism thus invites its South African travel trade partners to assist in garnering tips from South African locals.

At a later stage of the South African facing campaign, South African Tourism will also create video content of travel partners inviting South Africans to provide tips where this content will be deployed across various channels.

The.invitation videos will be distributed for an initial period of four weeks, followed by a second phase, depending on the number of tips received.

The tips collected will then be used to populate a digital map that will be launched in July 2022.

Ten South Africans have been filmed experiencing their favourite sights and inviting Belgian, Dutch and Swedish travellers.

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