China, US war of words on Africa strategy


US - China conflict

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE Chinese Embassy in South Africa has lashed out at the United States’ criticism of the Asian country’s relations with Africa.

This latest criticism by the American administration came during the unveiling of the US Strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa, launched in South Africa during the visit of the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

There were allegations that “China sees the (Africa) region as an important arena to challenge the rules-based international order, advance its own narrow commercial and geopolitical interests, undermine transparency and openness, and weaken US relations with African peoples and governments.”

The Chinese Embassy in Pretoria has dismissed the accusations.

“For some time, some senior US officials have been taking every opportunity to attack China,” said a spokesperson.

The official said the US’ “strategy towards Africa” is not about Africa but a public stunt to smear China.

“The relevant remarks of the US side are groundless and full of Cold War mentality and ideological bias. China is firmly opposed to this.”

The Chinese Embassy stated the Asian country and Africa enjoy a long history of friendship as the two sides had supported each other and forged a profound friendship in the struggle for national liberation and independence.

The spokesperson said the China-Africa cooperation had set a good example of multilateralism and a fine model for South-South cooperation and international cooperation with Africa.

“In contrast, the US has a deplorable record of racialism and widespread systematic and institutional discrimination against African-Americans.”

The Chinese Embassy said the US has grossly interfered in the internal affairs of African countries, fought proxy wars in Africa during the Cold War, and is still meddling in general elections in Africa today.

Among the issues the embassy raised is the sanctions the US imposed on Zimbabwe and the African Growth and Opportunity Act, denounced as a tool to bully African countries.

“What makes the US feel that it’s in a position to criticize China and China-Africa cooperation?” the spokesperson asked rhetorically.

In conclusion, the Embassy in Pretoria argued Africa is not an arena for “superpower games” but a major stage for international cooperation.

“It is hoped that the US will abandon its Cold War mentality, earnestly take up its responsibility as a major country, and focus more on supporting Africa’s urgent development needs, instead of basing its policy on containing other countries’ influence in Africa, let alone reigniting the Cold War on the African continent.”

In one of his engagements in South Africa, Blinken issued a veiled criticism of China.

“After all, we’ve seen the consequences when international infrastructure deals are corrupt and coercive, when they’re poorly built or environmentally destructive, when they import or abuse workers, or burden countries with crushing debts,” he said.

– CAJ News

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