5G to spearhead Namibia’s socioeconomic transformation


Green Enterprise Solutions Sales Manager, Ilana Erasmus

from ALFRED SHILONGO in Windhoek, Namibia
Namibia Bureau
WINDHOEK, (CAJ News) – THE rollout of fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) is poised to enhance Namibia’s ambitions towards a knowledge-based society.

This will help diversify the economy from agriculture.

It will deliver increased Internet speeds, more bandwidth for data to be sent and received, better coverage and much greater Wi-Fi coverage for the Southern African country.

Eventually, 5G will create employment opportunities.

“Namibia can join and compete with the rest of the world regarding technology and innovation by leveraging 5G. With the introduction of 5G, our nation can recover and grow economically,” noted Ilana Erasmus, Sales Manager at Green Enterprise Solutions.

According to the GSMA Intelligence, in 2030, 5G is expected to generate $960 billion in gross domestic product (GDP). Only a fraction of that will be generated by and in Africa.

“…With an even smaller fraction generated in Namibia,” Erasmus pointed out.

“We must start somewhere though, and with the rollout of 5G, Namibians can focus on and expect improved access to healthcare and education.”

5G is expected to be able to connect to 100 times more devices than the previous generations.

Such devices include cars, smartwatches, drones and propelling the Internet of things (IoT) devices into the mainstream.

“Namibia does not want to get left behind, as its impact on every sector, including healthcare, energy, transportation, law enforcement, e-commerce, logistics, and education will be enormous,” Erasmus said.

Healthcare providers will be able to embrace telemedicine and e-health solutions while new applications and services are poised to improve service delivery and push innovation and technology.

Looking at the oil and gas developments and exploration in Namibia, the introduction of 5G would enable the energy grid to be more accurately monitored, improving management, and reduce costs, at the same time building towards a sustainable and powerful innovation ecosystem.

“We can harness climate change and mitigate the impact of global warming.”

Green Enterprise Solutions believes the knowledge-based society, envisioned in the Vision 2030 for Namibia, is attainable if all stakeholders worked together.

“True change can be Namibia’s future with 5G technology,” Erasmus concluded.

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