Ethnic conflict erupts again in West Darfur


Sudan ethnic clashes

from RAJI BASHIR in Khartoum, Sudan
Sudan Bureau
KHARTOUM, (CAJ News) – RECURRING inter-communal violence has left no less than ten people dead while more than 20, 000 others displaced in western Sudan.

The conflict has erupted in the Foro Baranga town of West Darfur State.

Violence broke out last Friday between members of the ethnic Masalit and Arab tribes.

The killing of three members from the two tribes in different neighbourhoods in West Darfur between seemed to have triggered the tensions. There are also of homes and the local market in Foro Baranga being looted.

Despite authorities deploying joint security forces to Foro Baranga, the violence has reportedly spread to nine neighbourhoods where homes have been burned.

“The situation remains volatile,” a humanitarian spokesperson raised concern.

As the conflict broke out, members of the Arab tribe reportedly attacked and burned about 50 homes in Alsalam and Alshati neighbourhoods, leading to the displacement of an estimated 4 000 families, according to the International Organization for Migration Displacement Tracking Matrix (IOM DTM).

Some people have been displaced across the border into Chad.

On Monday, the state administration of Acting Governor Khamis Abdullah Abkar declared a one-month state of emergency.

A daily curfew is also in place in Foro Baranga from 19h00 to 07h00 for an initial period of two weeks.

The situation is already dire in Foro Baranga,

An estimated 88 000 people live in the locality, of whom about 35 000 need humanitarian assistance.

Darfur is synonymous with conflict.

The Masalit, who are primarily agriculturalists, and the Arab tribes, mainly pastoralist, have a history of animosity.

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