Illegal snares irk Kariba Animal Welfare Trust


Trapped and desperate for help

from OBERT SIAMILANDU in Kariba, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bureau
KARIBA, (CAJ News) – THE Kariba Animal Welfare Trust Fund (KAWFT) has bemoaned the increase in snares which are decimating wildlife.

KAWFT spokesperson Debbie Otman told CAJ News Africa that snares set up in some parts of Kariba such as Chawara, Heights, Baobab, Nyamhunga and others were undesirable.

“As an organisation, we are much concerned by the spreading of snares in some parts of Kariba. We should work together as a community in creating a snare-free Kariba,” said Otman.

“Snares affect every animal and bird. It’s not a case of which are affected the most, because there are many that we do not see yet they are also caught in snares,” Otman said.

Illegal snares are used by poachers to trap and kill birds and other animals.

A snare is mainly a thin wire that is set up to trap animals which are considered pests or problem animals by some communities.

It is also used to catch animals by meat-hungry poachers. In Kariba and other parts of these poachers capture even big animals like elephants, kudus, buffaloes for meat, ivory and hide.

– CAJ News



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