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Niger coup

from ABDULLAHI ABUBAKAR in Niamey, Niger
Niger Bureau
NIAMEY, (CAJ News) – CHINA has advised its citizens in Niger to evacuate amid the political uncertainty triggered by the military coup in late July.

Chinese planning to go to Niger in the near future have been advised to postpone the trip.

Almost two weeks after the ouster of President Mohamed Bazoum, China nonetheless the domestic situation in the West African country had generally stabilised.

The Asian nation, through its Embassy in Niamey, noted the land and air borders had been opened to a limited extent, and commercial flights had gradually resumed.

“However, the parties to the conflict are still fighting fiercely, and the future development of the situation is still uncertain,” the Chinese embassy stated on Monday.

The embassy advised that considering the current complicated situation in Niger, Chinese in Niger should be vigilant, strengthen protection, avoid going out, and take good safety precautions.

“If there is no reason to stay in Nigeria, overseas Chinese in Niger should leave by themselves to go to a third country or return home,” read an advisory.

This is the second advisory by the Asian nation since the announcement of the coup and subsequent establishment of the National Committee for the Defense of the Motherland (CNSP).

The first advisory did not mention evacuation.

Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani, commander of the presidential guard, has proclaimed himself the new leader of Niger.

This has triggered a standoff with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

A seven-day ultimatum ECOWAS issued last week for the release and reinstatement of Bazoum has elapsed with Niger defiant.

This has raised the possibility of a military intervention by ECOWAS.

On Monday, Niger closed its airspace citing threats of intervention.

The coup leaders also alleged that a foreign power planned to attack the country.

The coup, while condemned internationally, has been praised by some locals, and military governments in neighbouring Burkina Faso and Mali.

China established diplomatic relations with Niger in 1974.

They were severed in 1992 when Niger started relations with Taiwan.

Niger-Sino relations were re-established in 1996.

– CAJ News

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