SA workers fear being replaced by machines


Machines threaten humans with jobs loses. Photo, supplied

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – OVER a third of South Africans are afraid of losing their jobs to technology.

The fear, coinciding with the country battling high unemployment, stems from the individuals’ lack of information technology (IT) competencies.

Hence a majority, more than half, feel the need for better digital skills in their work with computers and other digital equipment.

These are the findings of Kaspersky, the global cyber security and digital privacy company.

According to its survey, 51 percent of employees surveyed in South Africa feel the need for enhanced digital skills.

Over a third (35 percent) are afraid of losing their jobs because of the lack of IT competencies. Some believe it could happen as soon as in the next five years (16 percent), others suppose it might happen at some point later (19 percent).

Only 20 percent are sure they are not at risk of losing their job because of poor IT knowledge.

Among those who think they are most likely to lose their job because of the lack of digital skills within the next five years are departmental heads and top managers.

Andrew Voges, General Manager for the African region at Kaspersky, said many are afraid of losing their job due to the explosive advancement of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solutions.

“While some individuals and organisations are wary of automatisation and refrain from using it, others adapt their processes to get the most benefits from the newest technologies,” he said.

Kaspersky is urging employees to be cyber savvy if they want to remain in demand. Companies should help them to tackle digital challenges and develop cyber security skills.

Kaspersky offers the Automated Security Awareness Platform to contribute to the education and upskilling of employees at all levels.

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