Tech uniting minors and families in South Sudan


Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS+), South Sudan

from RAJI BASHIR in Khartoum, Sudan
Sudan Bureau
KHARTOUM, (CAJ News) – MODERN technology is playing a pivotal role in reuniting thousands of children and families with whom they lost touch during years of conflict in South Sudan.

Stakeholders believe the cutting-edge open-source software platform, called the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS+), exemplifies how innovations can revolutionise child protection efforts in both humanitarian and development contexts.

This week, using the technology, Save the Children and its partners reached a remarkable milestone of facilitating 7 000 family reunifications in South Sudan over the past eight years.

CPIMS+ uses sophisticated matching technology to trace families of missing children. It is also a complete digital solution to support case management, a structured process for connecting children and families to the individual services and support they need.

A product of Primero, CPIMS+ includes both a mobile app and offline capabilities.

On a societal level, policymakers continuously monitor and analyse anonymised trends in child protection cases, proactively identify emerging issues, and then adapt funding and programmes accordingly.

“The moment when that 7 000th child was reunited with their family in South Sudan is not just a number. It is a triumph of human spirit and a testament to what technology can accomplish when applied for the greater good,” said Steve Miller, Global Director Child Protection, Save the Children International.

CPIMS+ has been widely-endorsed by aid agencies.

South Sudan suffered a civil war in 2013, two years after independence.

A peace deal was signed in 2018 but intermittent conflict still affects the world’s newest country.

– CAJ News


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