Call for SA to deport Zimbabweans denounced


Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CITIZENS have dismissed as an election campaign gimmick a call by a South African opposition politician for the deportation of Zimbabweans.

Controversial leader, Gayton McKenzie, of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) is accused of seeking votes ahead of next year’s elections by playing the xenophobic card.

Mackenzie, an ex-convict, had tweeted, “@HomeAffairs SA (South Africa) arrest and deport them all (Zimbabweans).”

This was after Zimbabwe’s main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) announced it would protest on Saturday at the Union Buildings, Pretoria, for alleged election rigging in their country during the disputed polls held on August 23.

South Africans, Zimbabweans and other African citizens denounced McKenzie’s stance.

Among those that responded to the PA leader’s remark are Bosula Mokgwadi Moloantwa, who queried: “Why must they be arrested….since when are demonstrations a crime in SA?”

One only identified as Salimu said: “A convicted petty bank robber. A xenophobe. A racist. A fake Coloured. At the rate you are going……you’ll soon go back to prison Gayton.”

One unidentified person voiced: “For a long time now, immigrants have become a pawn for South African politicians such as Gayton McKenzie seeking electoral favour, who are exploiting the public sentiment that foreigners, mostly fellow Africans, are taking away South African jobs and committing crimes. This is an old trick.”

AkukariaSA responded: “This foolish racist. People can clearly see through your vile nature. You have nothing to offer other than race baiting. Today it’s black South Africans against coloureds, tomorrow is Zimbabweans.”

Mbali Maseko commented: “Trust a convict at your own risk,” while Danmore Mashaya condemned: “This racist, always carrying a race card, a convict a criminal, only thing you know is hate, how did you grow up.”

Mbatha Mbathoe opined: “Cool down. What kind of a leader are you? You are too emotional to be trusted with Union Buildings (state house). Grow up a little.”

Ostout Achuu responded: “You are going to end up deporting us (black South Africans) as well because we are not Coloured?”

Lloyd Dlodlo stated: “We are not fools, you hate black skin whether they are locals or outsiders.”

Some opposition politicians stoke xenophobic flames each time South Africa goes for elections.

Besides McKenzie, Herman Mashaba of ActionSA is also accused.

There is also a movement called Dudula, which has been accused of violence against migrants.

These politicians and organisations blame foreign nationals for crime, unemployment and South Africa’s struggling social service.

– CAJ News


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